Toytown Preschool
East Aurora Wesleyan Church
364 Main St. (Corner of Main and Maple Streets) East Aurora, NY 14052
(716) 652-0392

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About Toytown Preschool
Located in the heart of the village at the corner of Main and Maple Streets,
Toytown Preschool is located at the East Aurora Wesleyan church.
We have served the families of East Aurora and the surrounding communities for over 16 years.
We provide many learning opportunities within the context of a fun and loving Christian environment.

What does Toytown have to offer our family?
There are a number of special events throughout the school year where parents, grandparents, and siblings may participate.
Many families share fond memories of Harvest Fest, Children's Thanksgiving Dinner, the Living Nativity and "the First Christmas" playlet as well as many field trips and special visitors throughout the year.

What will my child learn?
While kindergarten readiness is a key objective, we also offer a foundational program for 3-year-olds. They focus on listening skills, colors, shapes, name recognition, and learning to play happily together.
We make and keep lots of new friends. Some of our Toytown students and families have enduring friendships
that have extended well beyond their preschool years.
A number of children will become emerging readers as beginning phonics is introduced to our 4-year-olds. Beginning science is also huge as we observe weather and nature, experiment with volcanoes, plunge into polar ice ponds, discover magnets and
magnifiers, and learn about healthy food choices.
We count, sort, and pattern, along with other basic math skills.
We work on our handwriting, art, music, cooking, manners, games, stories, and role playing.

What families have to say about Toytown
"Is there still room in your class for one more? I have to get my little guy in."
"My friend said you had a great program for preschool. When can I come and meet with you?"
More About Us
Our reputation is one of excellence. There is no greater advertisement than that of our alumni families.
Year after year, we have the pleasure of seeing several of the same families return again and again, with the next child getting ready for kindergarten.

Please feel free to call to meet with us and tour our classroom!

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